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About us

Garibaldi RS manufacturing unity / Poços de Caldas RS manufacturing unity

Nutrire is a company that embraces commitment to the quality and satisfaction of the client and his/her pet. Founded in 2001, it is recognized in national and international markets. With units in Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul and Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Nutrire constantly invests in technology, noble raw materials, process improvement, and team training to develop the best feed and snacks for complete nutrition of pets. It meets the highest levels of quality demanded by the market, both in standard, premium, special premium and high premium brands. Learn about our brands and ensure the best benefits of quality food to your pet, from taste to nutrition, as required to ensure health and long life to dogs and cats.


Excellence and balance in animal nutrition.


To be a reference in animal nutrition.


  • Quality and commitment of everyone.
  • Freedom of Communication.
  • Constant improvement of the team.
  • Social and environmental responsibility.
  • Passion and loyalty to Nutrire brand.
  • Profit as a way of living.
  • Empathy and quick response to the customer.


The Nutrire quality guarantee is due to the awareness and commitment, from the development of suppliers, the production process, to the arrival of the products at the pets' house, with the objective of achieving excellence in all foods. The raw materials used are subjected to rigorous analysis in internal laboratory, also counting on the support of third-party laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, guaranteeing total product safety in the products of the Nutrire brands. Aiming at the commitment and guarantee of a quality food, Nutrire has implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems, which guarantee the maximum quality and conformity of the products in accordance with the required technical regulations.

National Presence

Nutrire started its operations in Serra Gaúcha and currently operates in different distribution channels in more than 17 Brazilian states, conquering a solid and highly credible position in our country.

International Presence

Nutrire started its activities in the foreign market in 2004. The persistence and export opportunities found took the company to expand its borders. Currently Nutrire's brands are present in more than 34 countries in 3 continents. In 2017 Nutrire won the Global Advance Spotlight presented in the 45th edition of the RS Export Award. In 2020 in the 48th edition received the Food Sector Spotlight

"Cãoterapia" [Dog Therapy]
"Cãominhada" [Walk with Dog]

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Nutrire is socially and environmentally aware, so it always seeks the best sustainable alternatives and works in the communities where it is inserted, inspiring people to change their attitudes and behavior. The company is firmly committed with environmental sustainability.

Nutrire products bear the Renewable Company seal, certified by Ludfor Energia Ltda due to reduction of CO2 emissions. The electricity consumed in its manufacturing plant comes from a clean, fully renewable source that is not harmful to environment. 

In the performance of its activities and in the consumption of electricity in the industrial park, it has reduced 1,166.08 tons of CO2, as informed in the Certificate of Reduction of Emission of Greenhouse Gases, which is equivalent to:

8,311 tree seedlings, retained for 20 years;

2,989 light gasoline vehicles, traveling 500 km;

844 road transportations of 1 ton of cargo per 500 km;

128 tons of paper / cardboard sent to landfill.

The company also has the green label ‘Eu sou Eco (I am Eco)’, issued by Plastiweber Embalagens Sustentáveis that certifies Nutrire for having used 20.90 tons of recycled plastic packaging, produced with wind energy, renewable raw material and sustainable practices, resulting in several environmental benefits. Some of them:

Reduction of 31.98 T of greenhouse gases;

Reduction of 25,498 Lt of oil consumption;

Reduction of 113.91 MWatt of electricity consumption;

Reduction of 20.90 T of plastic waste in landfill;

Reduction of 156.33 m³ in water consumption in the total of this process.

Nutrire is also a member of the Associação de Logística Reversa de Embalagens [Reverse Packaging Logistics Association] (Aslore). The entity is made up of industries that use packaging and aims to ensure the environmentally appropriate destination of the packaging through the adaptation, training and expansion of the productive capacity of the cooperatives of collectors, strengthening voluntary delivery points, and investment in awareness campaigns, besides making consumers aware of the correct separation and destination of packaging.

It also relies on an internal environmental management program, named "Good Environmental Practices", which involves guiding employees  through compliance with the current environmental standards. It also invests in disposal of its wastes and scrap to co-processing, using the transformation of these materials to furnace supply, avoiding that wastes are discarded in landfill, taking into account the National Policy on Solid Wastes (Law 12.305/2010) and contributing to sustainability.

In addition to concern for environmental issues, Nutrire develops social projects. We can emphasize "Cãoterapia" [Dog Therapy], with students of Apae, performed with the support of professionals of partner schools and trainers. This method assists in the social and emotional development of students. "Cãominhada" [Walk with Dog], an event that involves the community and also raises funds to be donated to animal protection NGOs.