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About us.


Excellence and balance in animal nutrition.


To be a global reference in pet food.


Quality and commitment all. - Freedom of Communication. - Constant improvement of team. - Social responsibility and environmental. - Passion and loyalty to Nutrire brand. - Profit as a means of survival. - Empathy and response quickly to the customer.

Quality policy

Develop, produce and sell products and services in animal nutrition, meeting the needs and expectations of Customers and other interested parties, complying with current legislation and the authenticity of applicable requirements, keeping the business growing with the continuous improvement of products, processes and Nutrire Management System services (food quality and safety), strengthening our culture.

About Us

Nutrire is a company that has at its core a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. client and their pet. Founded in 2001, it is recognized in the national and international market. With units in Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul and Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Nutrire constantly invests in technology, noble raw materials, process improvement and team training to develop best food and snacks for a complete diet for pets. Serve the highest quality levels required by the market, both in standard brands and in premium brands, premium special and Super premium. Discover our brands and guarantee your pets the best benefits of a diet of quality, from flavor to the nutrition necessary to guarantee health and long life for dogs and cats.

Meet who makes the food for your pet.

An incredible team of people passionate about animals.

Socio-environmental responsibility

We do the best for our little friends and the environment.


Dogtherapy and Dog walking

Environmental best practices program
Co-processing of waste and rejects
Environmentally suitable destination of packaging
+ Kg of plastic collected
+ seedlings planted


liters of clean water


meals donated