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How to choose the right food for your dog?

The use of a complete food specific for the life stage of the animal has many benefits. In addition to providing complete nutrition, with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required daily, a ...

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How to choose the right food for your cat?

Cats have an extremely demanding taste. In addition to a high-quality, high palatability protein formulation, felines require, regardless of the stage of life, foods containing taurine, as it is an...

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I'm going to travel. What to do with my cat?

The holidays are coming, and will you travel with the whole family? And how does the pussy, take along or leave it at home? These questions are not a simple answer, but check out some tips to ensur...

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Vacations have arrived. Should I take or not take the mascot?

Thinking about traveling? Already have a date? And your pet, will go along with you? We know that they are part of our families. For us to have peace of mind when traveling is good to take some pre...

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Do not forget pets at the holidays!

We have reached the end of another year! The arrival of the month of December is highly anticipated by all. Parties and family reunited, home decorated, social gatherings, travel and much rush. But...

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Welcome to our blog!

Nutrire is a company that has been in the nutrition market for dogs and cats for more than 15 years. We seek to combine dedication, noble raw materials, high technology, technical knowledge to brin...

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